About us

BLUE STAR FABRICATIONLLC is an Industry leading designer and manufacturer of high quality Industrial & Commercial Fans / Marine fans. We are extensive product line consist of comprehensive offering of Centrifugal fans & Blowers, Induce Draught Fan, Forced Draught Fan, Primary Air Fan, Didw (Double Inlet double width) Fans, Axial Fans, Roof Ventilators, Hot Air Blower, Kitchen Exhaust Fan, Cyclone Separator, Dust Collector System, Scrubbers, Bag Filter, Rotary Air Lock etc.

We provide complete application design, manufacturing testing and site services.

Fans and Blowers aim is to secure customers on a long term working relationship by offering extremely competitively priced products, of the highest quality, delivered on time.

Our teams of Engineers are always availableto discuss your requirements & application.